Please, do not directly or indirectly ask for illicit services, as replying to such is not an option! Thank you for your understanding in regards to the communication sensitivities that precede our meeting.

I'm happy to be your sexy model in any environment, but (brace yourself) if you look old enough to be my dad, let's please maintain some tact & demure while in a public setting

When meeting, please have the honorarium prepared in an unsealed envelope & place it in plain view after we've said our passionate hellos. If in public, a small gift bag is best. Dislike the cash method? Electronic payments are accepted. Please ask for details.

Perfectly primped, polished & refined, I admire those who take pride in their hygiene, especially men who have no detectable stubble & keep thier nails buffed short & clean. 

Please be timely when arriving to our scheduled rendezvous. I will allow for a fifteen minute grace period, but I will not reimburse you for lost time, nor will I add uncompensated time onto the end of your booking beyond that.

I love to indulge in every second we have together, but please do not take advantage of my kindness & enthusiasm by staying past your reserved time. Politely ask if you may extend our time together & handle the compensation promptly. I rather avoid the awkward moment of having to point it out, versus a pleasant, organic conclusion to our rendezvous.

Advanced bookings are always greatly appreciated, as I like to balance my time between friends, family, my artistic career & being your lusty muse! Additionally, please provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel/ reschedule. Adjusting your booking by a couple of hours may be feasible (at no additional charge) with advanced notice. For cancellation fees, please read below ↓


the fine print

In booking with the entertainer & model Sway Marcellis (the model that is depicted throughout this website), you agree that:

  1.  You have read, understand & accept the Terms of Service
  2. You acknowledge that illegal services are not being offered & cannot be negotiated
  3. Any images taken at any point during/after your booking become the sole property of Sway Marcellis & may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, uploaded or downloaded without the models prior written consent

Cancellation Policy

Please ensure your desired booking fits your schedule before submitting a request. I understand that life gets in the way sometimes, but if you must cancel /reschedule within 48 hours of your scheduled booking, then please send 15% of the time booked as a cancellation acknowledgement. If a same-day cancellation, then please send 25% of the time booked as a cancellation acknowledgement.

Please be advised, deposits & travel fees will NOT be reimbursed or reallocated to a new booking upon cancellation /rescheduling, but they may be applied towards your cancellation fee. Not honoring this policy within 48 hours of your cancellation will result in an immediate blacklisting.

I reserve the right to terminate any appointment, sans refund, if I am made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable. I am a classy lady with reasonable boundaries, please be respectful!

Make a Reservation  🠖